Wednesday, November 28, 2007

To Thailand

A cover for a letter I sent to my dear friend Abby, who's on study abroad in Thailand.

Umbrella ella ella

Just another little journal page thingie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

For: Miss Becky

A giant-sized birthday card for my little sister last March.

Hello, My Name is Paper Doll

For my Media II class last semester. The assignment was to make an electronic book, but also to present it in some form. I chose to do an accordian book, when the ribbon is untied, the box pops open to reveal the accordian pages.

My dear friend Vu also featured this on his site last February-ish. You can read more about the conceptual part
, and check out Vu's sweet site! Thanks Vu!

Whoa! Dingbats





For Graphic Design class. The assignment was to create compositions exploring a few design principles:
1. Balance 2. Texture or Pattern 3. Rhythm 4. Tension

We had to pick a conceptual word to create a visual theme/concept in all the compositions-I chose "fantastical", in order to interrelate form, concept, and composition.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Tapes n' Tapes

Another poster for the art sale. Again, next year I guess.

New York

A bit of an experimentation with type. For the art sale. But I'm lazy and never had it shrink-wrapped. Next year fo' sho'.

Diamonds on My Mind

Rubies and diamonds? Yes plzzz!

Will you be my Valentine?

A card for Valentines Day last year.

More Journal Pages

Facelift, anyone?

Journal Page

Journals aren't just for writing in, right?

UFO Poster

For Graphic Design class. I ended up changing my idea for this one, hence-it's only "Phase I".

Notan? Notan!

A notan I did last year to make our living room wall a little more fancy schmancy.

Handmade Stamp Project

I made the stamp. Then made everything colorful. Basically.

Happy Birthday Adina

Today is the 26th. I guess that means it's my birthday. My present to myself: this shiny new blog, of course! A place to put all the stuff I've been workin' on.

This is a birthday card my little brother made for me last year, with a little help from his dad. Not too shabby for a 4 year old.